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Samsung planning three Galaxy S10 variants, one foldable phone for 2019


The rumor mill has gone a bit quiet as of late regarding Samsung and the company’s next flagship smartphone, but we may be getting back into the groove of things.

Bloomberg has a report out this week that echoes several elements we’ve heard in the past regarding the oft-rumored Galaxy S10, one of Samsung’s planned flagship smartphones for next year. The new report also aims to shed some light on the upcoming foldable smartphone that Samsung is teasing¬†and is expected to show off in some capacity at the company’s developer conference next month.

According to Bloomberg, the foldable smartphone will have a four-inch display on the outside. But when the phone is opened, the display will measure in at seven inches. According to the report, Samsung has not decided on how the phone will actually unfold, whether it will be horizontally or vertically. As a result, if the company can’t make a decision by the time its developer conference rolls around we may only see some conceptual work for what the future phone will look like, and we may see the user interface planned for the handset as well.

This new report states that Samsung won’t be including a in-display fingerprint reader due to technological constraints and that the handset’s display will be “coated with a film” rather than glass. The future foldable phone will reportedly fold like a wallet when it launches.

Now, for the Galaxy S10. Bloomberg says a lot of what we have already heard. We’re reportedly going to see three Galaxy S10 variants, two of which will be expensive models with in-display fingerprint readers, while the third option won’t have an in-display fingerprint reader and cost less than the other two models.

The two more expensive models are said to boast three cameras on the back, while the less expensive model won’t. And the cheaper option’s fingerprint reader will reportedly be on the side of the device, not the back, as previous rumors have suggested.

The expensive models will reportedly boast a curved OLED display and a front-facing camera that will be “visible and tucked under the screen”, but the report doesn’t go into any specific detail on what that means. The less expensive model’s OLED display won’t be a curved option.

Some potential bad news if you’ve been sticking with Samsung because of the company’s decision to keep the 3.5mm headphone jack. This report suggests that Samsung is testing Galaxy S10 variants without the jack. However, it’s possible the company ultimately decides to keep it for at least one more model year.

Samsung is working on a 5G-enabled Galaxy S10 as well, which will apparently be ready to launch alongside Verizon’s 5G mobile network. The big red wireless carrier is expecting to launch its upgraded network sometime in the early stages of next year, but there’s no definitive launch date for that just yet.

So, the rumors are certainly starting to coalesce into a believable picture. Are you starting to get excited for the Galaxy S10? Or how about that foldable smartphone?

Source: Bloomberg

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