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Some Google Pixel 3 XL units suffering from buzzing speakers


While Google streamlined its announcement of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL earlier this month, one area the company slowed down to talk about a bit was the front-facing speakers on the larger model, touting the performance of the hardware.

Some Pixel 3 XL owners are running into some issues, however. Many owners have taken to Twitter and Reddit to voice their complaints over the front-facing speakers recently, saying their units are plagued by buzzing and/or general distortion. The Pixel 2 XL had similar issues last year.

Some notification sounds, along with songs and videos, are able to trigger the buzzing and general distortion. It appears that low- to mid-range frequencies are the major issue for the majority of owners. Some owners are even pointing out that, depending on how they are touching the back glass of the phone, the sound is different coming out of the speakers.

The problem is fixing itself for some folks, while others have already returned their device in an effort to get a replacement that does not suffer the same hardware issue. There does not appear to be a specific fix at the moment. Last year’s Pixel 2 XL received a software update to fix the “rattle” in some speakers, but Google has not publicly responded to this issue yet, so there’s no word on any kind of fix coming down the pipe, if any exists at all other than an outright hardware replacement.

If you have Pixel 2 XL, have you heard the same issues?

Via: Android Police

Source: Reddit

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