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T-Mobile is testing a 36-month installment plan with the Galaxy Note 9


As smartphones, especially the flagship models, continue to get more expensive, spreading out the cost with installment plans from the major wireless carriers (or manufacturers, when available) is a nice way to help reduce the sticker shock. And it looks like T-Mobile is toying with the idea of letting subscribers spread out the cost of smartphones even more than they already do.

We have grown accustomed to the 24-month installment plans offered by the major wireless carriers, but it looks like T-Mobile is considering offering a 36-month Equipment Installment Plan. For now only that option is only available with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which breaks the monthly cost of the phone down to $24.17 per month. One would imagine that if the plan reaches whatever metric the Un-carrier is looking for, T-Mobile may offer a 36-month payment plan for other smartphones in the future.

T-Mobile hasn’t announced any major changes just yet, but the original report indicates that the wireless carrier is indeed testing the option.

If T-Mobile does switch to a 36-month leasing option, is this something you’d be excited to take advantage of? If you aren’t on T-Mobile, would you switch carriers for this option?

Source: TmoNews

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