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Vertu is back with the Aster P, another crazy expensive luxury phone


Vertu is best known for crazy expensive devices made from luxurious materials and featuring pretty disappointing specs. Unfortunately, the company was shut down after being purchased. Well, unfortunate for the few who would buy them.

The new owner said that he planned to bring the company back at some point, and that’s exactly what has happened. The company is back, and it has announced a new device exactly like its old ones.

The Aster P features a 4.9-inch 108p OLED display, a Snapdragon 660, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, a 3,200mAh battery, a 20MP front camera, a 12MP rear camera, and Android 8.1. Not bad, but not impressive at all (especially with the lack of Android Pie). However, that’s not really what the device is about.

The front is coated in 133-carat sapphire crystal. The frame is made out of titanium. The rear is coated in lizard or crocodile leather. It’s all about the luxury; the materials and design are quite nice. The two doors on the back open from the center to reveal the two SIM slots. And to fit in with the luxury theme, there’s a concierge button for support.

This level of luxury will set you back $4,200 for the main five colors. There is also a Gothic series for $5,100 in black and white. And if you’re feeling extra spendy, you can pick up a gold one for $14,120.

We admit that this phone looks pretty nice, and the rear doors are really cool. But this phone isn’t made for people like us. If you want one, pre-orders are now open in China. Let’s hope that the Pie update is coming soon!

Via: Engadget

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