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Wi-Fi Alliance introduces W-Fi 6, a new generation of Wi-Fi and a new naming scheme


Gone are the days of complex wireless names. Us nerds may know what the difference between 802.11ac and the ancient 802.11g is, but most people can’t memorize all the numbers when they do their router shopping every decade.

The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced a new naming scheme, simply numbering the generations of wireless network from the OG 802.11b from 1999 (now called Wi-Fi 1) to the latest 802.11ac (now called Wi-Fi 5). Accompanying this is a new logo.

Also introduced is the new Wi-Fi 6, also called 802.11ax. While it’ll be better than older versions, the Wi-Fi Alliance doesn’t say what’s better. We can expect faster speeds and better connection though.

This new naming scheme is a good thing for most consumers, and to further help consumers there is the new Wi-Fi Alliance certification program in 2019 to certify Wi-Fi products. This may just be a way to make money though. Nonetheless, we’re excited to see what the next generation of Wi-Fi can do.

Source: Wi-Fi.org

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