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Top 10 New Android Games This Week: Qbik, Dillo Rush

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Welcome back to Android Gaming Weekly, our weekly recap of new game releases. We still plan to cover upcoming releases and games we’re playing, but this column is dedicated to new games that you can start playing right now. Check out our top picks and let us know in the comments section if you have any suggestions for next week’s post.

Brain Marmelade

DescriptionBrain Marmelade is a 2D platformer/ adventure game with hand draw creepy art style and a unique combat system. This games follows the “Dump One” in his dangerous quest to find the GLORIUS Brain Marmelade. 



DescriptionQbik is a beautifully designed pixel-art puzzle game. Enter the world of Qbik and explore a square land full of brainteasers, puzzles, and riddles – traverse all 63 levels and discover the origin story of this square little fella!


Truck Simulation 19

DescriptionTransport freight with original trucks by Kenworth and Mack in a huge open world across the United States. Hire drivers, purchase new trucks and expand your business to become the nation’s most successful hauler.


Lovecraft Quest

Description: Lovecraft Quest is a original сomics style game inspired by the works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft – a recognized master of the horror genre. You have to avoid traps, solve puzzles and react very fast fleeing from Lovecraftian horrors which fill the labyrinth of the Temple of Nameless Cults.


Dillo Rush

DescriptionDillo Rush – Rolling In The Jungle is a runner style game where you are in control of a friendly armadillo that seeks to cross the “most dangerous” jungle of Latin America in search of his beloved girl. Roll and jump in 15 exciting and challenging stages in a totally 3D environment!



DescriptionDo you think you’re a genius? Play Humbug and find out! It’s the hardest and cutest puzzle game around! Humbug features awesome bugs, beautiful graphics, simple controls and many hours of mind-bending gameplay! You’ll meet spiders, snails, grasshoppers and more! Jump, fly and bounce your way to victory!


Sega Heroes

DescriptionSEGA presents the BEST new RPG of 2018! Download the ultimate SEGA battle today! Collect legendary heroes from your favorite SEGA games. Build an all-star team in this mash-up of epic proportions. Upgrade your heroes and match gems to unleash their signature attacks in action-packed battles!


Hybrid War

Description: HYBRID WAR IS THE LASERTAG OF THE FUTURE. We replaced inconvenient range trips with Augmented Reality. Instead of a heavy suit with sensors, we made free barcodes that capture damage from all types of weapons and are fastened to any clothes. Banal and expensive blasters, we replaced the smartphone with a huge selection of weapons for every taste.



DescriptionKolumno, as other puzzle games, requires intelligence, planning, and patience, but the challenge doesn’t stop there. It will also test your reflexes with puzzles that will require you to use special abilities such as: stopping mid-air, falling faster, making smaller or breaking the rings that make up the columns.


Hey Duggee: The Squirrel Club

DescriptionDuggee wants you to join his Squirrel Club! The Squirrel Club app enables fans to create their own squirrels and become part of Duggee’s club! There’s lots of fun to be had customising your own squirrel. Will you be a penguin, a monkey or a rabbit? What eyes and smile will you choose? And would you like a hat?


I was first introduced to Android with the Samsung Fascinate and I've been hooked ever since. I love the customization that Android offers the user to personalize their phone. I enjoy writing and have been blessed with the opportunity to share this passion for Android with others.

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