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Chrome 71 will remove all ads from sites with persistent abusive ad experiences


Abusive ad experiences are an unpleasant side effect of the digital advertising wave. Examples of these can include users clicking on a “Watch Video” button and instead triggering an unwanted download, or users tapping an ad closure button which triggers multiple unwanted popup ads. These types of abusive ads are a real hassle, and ad-dependent companies like Google are doing what they can to fight back against them.

The Google Chrome team previously put measures in place to prevent abusive ad experiences. Unfortunately, they found that more than half of current abusive ad experiences aren’t blocked by these protections. As such, Chrome 71 will implement a new measure that will remove all ads from sites with persistent abusive ad experiences.

Google says that there are only a small number of these sites in existence. Before ads are removed, site owners will be notified in Google Search Console if there are abusive ad experiences on their site. If there are, site owners will have 30 days to fix the issue before all ads are removed.

Of course, Chrome users can opt not to use these defense measures if, for some reason, they’d like to experience these abusive ads.

What do you think about this protection from Chrome? Is it going too far or is it a necessary measure?

Source: Chromium Blog

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