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Essential finally releases Audio Adapter HD, adding a high quality headphone jack


Essential Phone owners rejoice, because the company has finally released the Audio Adapter HD! This little accessory magnetically clips onto the Click-Connect connector on the back of the device and gives you a high quality headphone jack.

But don’t think it’s just a headphone jack. “My Galaxy S9 has a headphone jack!” I hear people yelling. But this is a DAC with an ESS Sabre chip, which is much higher quality than the average headphone jack. It will provide much better audio through nice headphones and will be able to drive power hungry headphones (if Essential did everything right, of course). It also supports MQA which isn’t common.

The device is made out of 100% machined titanium, making it lightweight and a bit pricey. The accessory is now available for $149 and is claimed to be limited edition. We’re assuming this accessory won’t be out for long so pick yours up at the source link!

Source: Essential

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