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Gboard will start suggesting GIFs, emoji, and stickers


Gboard has long supported search for GIFs, emojis, and stickers, but the search process isn’t always quick and easy. To help speed up the process, Google is integrating AI-powered suggestions for GIFs, emoji, and stickers into Gboard. When you type something with Gboard and Google senses an opportunity for a GIF or sticker, the little Google logo in the suggestion bar will flip and become a GIF icon.

Because the device is analyzing what users type, there is reasonable concern about privacy. As such, Google has ensured that all processing takes place directly on a user’s device, so that your information isn’t susceptible to breaches.

The feature is only available for English right now and should start showing up for users very soon. Additionally, suggestions will be improved over time as machine learning comes into play.

Do you use Gboard? If not, which keyboard do you use?

Source: Google

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