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Google Maps testing crash and speed trap reporting

google maps crash reporting waze

Way back in 2013, Google bought Waze, the popular navigation app that is known for allowing users to report speed traps, traffic slowdowns, and accidents. While many expected that Google would soon implement Waze’s features into Google Maps, the search giant largely allowed Waze to continue functioning as-is. But back in June, Google began a small test, asking users about traffic slowdowns or construction zones, somewhat similar to Waze. Now, it’s taking another step.

Android Police is reporting that some Maps users are seeing a new button that allows them to report speed traps or crashes with just two taps. The button is only visible in navigation mode, and again, it’s not showing up for everyone. While this may be in testing, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Google roll it out to the masses. It would certainly prove handy if Maps could notify you before you hit a speed trap or route you around crashes even faster.

Are you seeing this feature when navigating in Maps? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Android Police

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