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Google’s Wear OS System Version H update will extend battery life and more


Google has just revealed an incoming update for Wear OS, saying that the new update will add a few key changes for folks who are rocking the smartwatch software on their wrist.

Wear OS System Version H will be rolling out in the next few months. When it arrives, it will make some improvements under the hood, including extending battery life. Google is making it so that the Battery Saver feature in Wear OS will automatically switch on when your smartwatch’s battery reaches 10%. When the new Battery Saver feature is activated, the watch will only show the time.

But that’s not all. In an effort to conserve battery life, the smartwatch will automatically switch into deep sleep mode after it has determined you have not used the smartwatch for 30 minutes. And Google is also introducing a two-step process for turning off your smartwatch: Just hold the power button until the power off screen shows up, then select “power off”. There’s a “restart” option there, too, if you prefer to go that route.


Finally, Wear OS System Version H will support smart resume for apps, which will let you pick up where you left off as you switch between one app to another.

Google doesn’t give us a specific release date for System Version H, but it did say users will see the new software on their device in “the next few months”.

What do you think of these changes to the Wear OS platform?

Source: Google

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