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Huawei Nova 4 seen sporting circular display cutout

huawei nova 4

Huawei has started teasing a phone with a circular display cutout, with rumors indicating that it may launch as soon as next month. While Huawei has said that it will reveal more info on December 3, a Huawei device called the Nova 4 has leaked and is sporting a circular display cutout.

WinFuture was tipped off and took notice of a video of a birthday celebration for Chinese singer, Jackson Yee. In the video, there’s a brief look at the front of the device, with its circular cutout clearly visible. Like the other designs, the cutout is in the top left corner of the display and eliminated the need for a display notch, so that the screen can almost fully extend to all four edges.

While the circular cutout takes up less space than a notch, it’s set to be a controversial design choice. Plenty have already expressed displeasure at the unsightly aesthetic. Others have pointed out that there is little gained with this design, as there isn’t any useful screen real estate gained around the corner-facing edges of the circle.

While Samsung announced the idea of the circular cutout several weeks ago, it could be that Huawei is first to bring it to market. Samsung’s device is reported to launch in January, and leaks have also pointed to ASUS following the trend.

What are your thoughts on the circular cutout? Are you a fan?

Source: WinFuture

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