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Pixel 3 bug prevents the camera from launching through third-party apps


It’s not a secret that one of the major tentpoles of the Pixel smartphone lineup is the camera, and that is certainly true with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. However, it turns out that a camera bug is currently causing a major headache for some Pixel 3 device owners

BuzzFeed picked up on Pixel 3 camera issue, and it was quickly discovered that it’s not an isolated incident. However, it does appear that the results are random and doesn’t affect every single Pixel 3 out there.

The bug causes the camera to crash completely. Restarting the device gets the camera to work again, but trying from any third-party app on a phone where the bug is present means it will ultimately crash and not launch at all. That includes in social networking apps like Twitter and Instagram. Even the Google Authenticator app causes the phone to crash.

A fix is on the way, according to Google, with a spokesperson saying, “We’ve looked into reports of this issue and have identified a fix that will roll out in the coming weeks.”

This is certainly an unfortunate turn of events, if for no other reason than the Pixel 3′s biggest strength is its camera. Have you run into this issue at all, or know someone who has?

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