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Pocket Casts gets a major redesign to improve discoverability and more


Pocket Casts has grown into one of the most popular apps out there when it comes to listening to podcasts, and now the platform is making it even easier to discover content.

Whether it’s a brand new podcast that you might want to binge next, or just digging deep into a specific series you may already follow to find a specific episode or topic, Pocket Casts makes it all a bit easier. Recommendations will now be handled not only by algorithms, but also human curation. That means Pocket Casts should be able to learn from what you listen to and offer up suggestions that are actually relevant to your preferences.

The new Pocket Casts now allows for specific episode searches, so you can dig into a series and find the exact episode you’re looking for. And you can do all of that without having to subscribe to the series first, too. Pocket Casts is also gaining an Up Next feature which will sync along with all of the platforms where the service is available (Android, iOS, the web, Android Auto, and more).

The redesigned app has a variety of other features baked into it that are meant to improve the overall quality of life. That includes new features for archiving content, listening history, playback effects while you’re streaming, and more. This marks the first major redesign for Pocket Casts since the app was acquired by NPR and three other public radio stations earlier this year.

The new Pocket Casts is available as an open beta for Android users beginning today. The app costs $3.99. You can find a link to download and install the app below.

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Source: Pocket Casts (Play Store)

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