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Samsung introduces its first foldable device

Samsung-Foldable-Smartphone Image via: The Verge

Directly following Google’s announcement of Android support for foldable devices, Samsung has introduced its first foldable device. Not a dual-screen device that folds, like the Kyocera Echo, but a true folding device that can switch from smartphone to tablet and back again. Samsung is billing its new technology as the Infinity Flex Display.

The Infinity Flex Display can fold back and forth without any issues. It replaces glass with a complex polymer over top of multiple flexible layers, marking significant breakthroughs in display technology. Samsung has stated that future devices may include rollable and even stretchable displays utilizing similar technologies. Best of all, Samsung is putting Infinity Flex Displays into mass production in 2019.


Samsung and Google have worked hard on the UI, billed as One UI, to ensure app continuity when changing display size. Apps will seamlessly resize themselves and Samsung is also adding support for using multiple apps in windows for these devices, thus utilizing the added display space. Additionally, Samsung’s Bixby AI assistant is becoming a scalable AI platform to allow for new developer opportunities.

Samsung will be launching this new phone (likely called the Samsung Galaxy X) in 2019, though no further details have been revealed.

Source: Samsung

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