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Spotify testing new features, including importing your own music

spotify import music

Spotify is a great service, but there’s always room for improvement. Spotify’s attempts at improvement have now been revealed thanks to Twitter user @wongmjane. The first, and perhaps most notable, feature in testing is the ability to import music directly from your Android phone into Spotify. This is a huge boon for those who have extensive past music collections, or who may own music that isn’t published on Spotify. In short, while you won’t be able to find Jay-Z’s music on Spotify, you could buy the album and import it into your Spotify library, allowing you to listen to it along with your other music on Spotify.

Podcasts are also the focus of a couple features being tested. First up is the ability to save a podcast for later. Previously, users had no way to save a podcast they were interested in, so they would have to remember the name and search for it again later. The second feature is more of a UI tweak, which simplifies the Podcast episode menus. Now, users will press a button to go to a separate episode description screen that’s cleaner to read.

The last change in testing is a redesign of the library view. It’s a little cleaner and has users swiping horizontally to switch between songs, playlists, albums, etc. This screen also shows that Spotify will also create a new Favorite Songs playlist that will change over time with the music you’re listening to.

While these features aren’t official yet, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them roll out in the coming months.

Which feature in testing is your favorite?

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