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The OnePlus 6T is getting a McLaren special edition


OnePlus sent out a very early morning tweet today teasing that it has something new to announce in December.

That something new is probably a special edition variant of the OnePlus 6T but, as is par for the course with these types of announcements, the company is keeping the details close to the vest for now. OnePlus did confirm it is teaming up with the legendary supercar maker, McLaren. We will likely see a “OnePlus McLaren 6T”, or some variation of that, get announced on Tuesday, December 11.

OnePlus says this new variant will be a “salute to speed”, so it’s possible that one of the changes the company is planning is more RAM. That would certainly be noteworthy because the OnePlus 6T already comes packed with 8GB of RAM and either 128GB or 512GB of storage in its highest-specced variant. This McLaren option will also likely see a bump in storage and a price tag to match thanks to that partnership.

McLaren has a history of launching new cars with an orange color scheme, so it’s also possible that we see the newest OnePlus 6T launch in a similar color next month. We don’t see a lot of orange phones these days, so that would be worthwhile in its own right.

OnePlus is not a stranger to special editions. In the past we have seen both Star Wars and Marvel’s The Avengers get tagged for their own variants. And auto manufacturers are certainly not an untapped resource. Just look at Huawei and its Porsche Edition lineage of handsets.

How does a McLaren special edition OnePlus 6T sound to you?

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Source: OnePlus McLaren

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