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Verizon launches My Numbers app to support multiple numbers on one phone


Smartphones typically come with one number attached, but sometimes you need access to more than one number and carrying multiple phones might not be the best option.

Putting more than one phone number on a single phone is possible with dual SIM technology, and some carriers offer other options as well. However, Verizon is launching a new app that might make the situation a tad easier, even if it isn’t cheap. The big red wireless carrier is launching My Numbers today, which will allow users to add up to four phone numbers on a single phone.


The app will be available in the Google Play Store (and iOS App Store), and it will be free to download. However, Verizon is charging $15 per line per month to access those multiple numbers on a single phone. Each of those additional lines support unlimited domestic calling and text.

Verizon’s description of the service starts with the most obvious, where you can have one phone number for your personal usage and another for your business. A third line could be for texting only, and the fourth could be a dedicated voicemail box.

The new app is available now. Do you plan on trying it out, or have you found another way to get multiple numbers on your phone?

Via: Verizon

Source: Verizon My Numbers (Play Store)

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