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Google Allo reportedly being shut down soon


If you are a Google Allo user, then you may have noticed development on the app has quieted down as of late. It turns out that may have been a sign of bad things on the horizon.

According to a report on Wednesday from 9to5Google, Google is planning┬áto announce the shutdown of Allo. The report is based on unnamed sources who are familiar with Google’s plans, but Google may delay any forthcoming announcement, so we may not hear about Allo’s fate anytime soon. Things have been honestly pretty rough for Allo ever since its lead, Amit Fulay, left Google to join the Facebook ranks earlier this year.

It turns out that most of the Allo team has moved on and is now working on Android Messages. That app has been consistently bringing over features from Allo for awhile now, so Google may be hoping that users are relying on Messages more than anything else these days. At least until the company’s RCS Chat service can get up and running in full force.

The news that Allo is shutting down comes hot on the heels that “Hangouts Classic” is also getting turned down in the near future as well. It certainly sounds like Google is starting to consolidate a bit more, shutting down the services it feels are starting to lag behind and putting a bit more focus on other, newer projects.

Do you still use Google Allo?

Source: 9to5Google

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