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Google Assistant is your newest AI-curated personal news source


Google wants to make sure that Assistant is your go-to source for just about everything it possibly can be, and news delivery certainly falls in that purview.

Google has just announced that it will be relying on artificial intelligence to sift through news topics you’re interested in and then deliver that news whenever you want. The feature is already rolling out, but it’s only available for a limited number of users right now in the United States. A wide launch is expected in the near future.

As for the feature itself, the audio playlist will be assembled the moment you ask to hear it. Assistant will kick things off with a general briefing of the current top stories. You will then be able to ask to hear about longer stories, and Google says there won’t be any music or ads interjected in these reports. Google also says, to meet FCC regulations, there will not be any profanity, either.

Google wants this to be your go-to radio source, with always on-demand content ready to go when you want it. But obviously news sources matter, and Google has teamed up with several international publications including The Hollywood Reporter, South China Morning Post, The Associated Press, and many others.

What do you think of this new feature? Looking forward to getting to use it yourself?

Source: Google

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