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Google confirms 2019 shutdown of Allo, focus on Messages and Duo


We heard reports of Google’s plans of shutting down Allo, and the company has now confirmed this. Google has put up a post talking about all things messaging, and one of the details is that Allo will be no more after March of 2019.

Many of the features in Allo have been implemented in Google Messages, like Smart Reply and GIF support, and the Allo team will not focus on the Messages app. SMS and online messaging can’t exactly be compared, but we hope that Google is working on something special. Apple still has the advantage with iMessage.

The company also talked more about the future of Duo and Hangouts. Duo will continue being developed as the company says it has seen strong growth across both major smartphone operating systems. Hangouts will be getting the business feature Hagouts Chat and Hangouts Meet at some point. It does seem that Hangouts is being focused more on team collaboration rather than normal chat, and Messages may take over the latter purpose.

Hit the source link for the full blog post if you’re interested in what Google has going on for its messaging services. The company is well known for introducing (and killing) new messaging services every few years so we’re not surprised to see the death of Allo, but we hope that Google can finally nail a single messaging app.

Source: Google Blog

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