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Lenovo Z5S hands on video shows off punch hole in display

Punch holes are quickly replacing notches in the latest smartphone leaks. Huawei and Samsung are in a race to who can announce and release a new phone with a punch hole instead of a notch.

However, the two aren’t the only ones developing a device with a punch hole display. A hands-on video of the upcoming Lenovo Z5S leaked, briefly showing off the display. There is very little info accompanying it, but we can see the punch hole in the center of the status bar.

The benefits of the punch hole are mostly aesthetic, as the area around the hole becomes useless anyway. A notch is about as functional, but this definitely looks a bit cooler and sleeker. While Samsung and Huawei are likely going to put the hole in the corner, Lenovo is throwing it dead center, much like the Essential-style and teardrop notches we already have. Either works the same, but it’ll come down to visual preference.

Are punch hole notches going to be the newest trend before we truly go notchless? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Via: Pocketnow

Source: Weibo

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