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Razer Phone 2 gets kernel source code and factory images


The Razer Phone 2 rocks the latest and greatest hardware while also running a near-stock version of Android Oreo. Pie is coming, but it’s not here yet. Nonetheless, the unlockable bootloader and Project Treble support make it a great device to tinker with.

To facilitate that, Razer has released both the kernel source code and the factory images for the device. The kernel source will allow developers to further mod the device, while the factory images will allow you to flash back to stock if you bugger something up. Screwing up your phone is always a risk when it comes to modding and flashing.

Hit the source links to download the kernel source and factory images! It’s good to keep the factory image around just in case.

Via: XDA-Developers
Source: Razer (kernel source), Razer (factory images)

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