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Samsung uses a DSLR photo to show off Galaxy A8 Star portrait mode


They never learn, do they? This is far from the first time that a company has used an image from a DSLR and tried to pass it off as an image from a smartphone. Yes, smartphone photography has improved in staggering ways. The gap between smartphone and DSLR shrinks every day. But can a smartphone achieve DSLR quality? Nope, not even close.

The latest offender is Samsung, who used a DSLR photo on its page for the Galaxy A8 Star. The company is showing off its portrait mode, which emulates a DSLR’s variable aperture with software. The example allows you to change the background blur level.

Turns out that the image actually came from a photographer, and the background is entirely different. Samsung edited in a new background, edited the person in the foreground (and the photoghrapher calls it a bad job), and posted it on its own site.

To be fair, the company did pay for the image. It isn’t stolen, and the photographer isn’t mad. But the example being used for a smartphone feature is disingenuous at best. A DSLR image shouldn’t be used to show off a smartphone feature unless it states that it is a DSLR image.

Samsung has not removed the photo from its site so far so we’ll have to see where this goes and how the company responds.

Sources: DIY Photography, Samsung

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