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Mar 13 AT 4:58 PM Dustin Earley 25 Comments

AT&T Galaxy Note hacked to work on T-Mobile HSPA+

When the Android community puts their minds to something, it gets done. Putting Android on devices that don’t support the OS (like the HP TouchPad)? Done. Getting updates out to unsupported devices (that supposedly can’t run the latest versions of Android), and beating manufacturers to the punch with devices that are supported? Double done. Getting ... Read More »

Feb 23 AT 6:21 PM Taylor Wimberly 0 Comments

AT&T Galaxy Note

If you like big high-resolution displays, then the Galaxy Note is your dream device. AT&T now has a special 50% off promotion for new customers or existing customers who add a line. Just visit the special deal link to head over to the AT&T site. Once the page has loaded, click the blue “New To AT&T” ... Read More »