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Jan 15 AT 10:22 AM Taylor Wimberly 0 Comments

Microwaving My Samsung Galaxy S3

Microwaved Samsung Galaxy S3 Available On Ebay: Welcome to dOvetastic Microwave Theater. Today your professional microwave operator will be microwaving his Samsung Galaxy S3 right out of the factory box. DO NOT ATTEMPT Microwaving your Galaxy S3 under any circumstance.

Sep 20 AT 12:57 PM Clark Wimberly 0 Comments

Security researchers hack Android via NFC to gain full control, steal data from a Samsung Galaxy S3

Security researchers participating in the Mobile Pwn2Own contest at the EuSecWest Conference in Amsterdam today demonstrated how to hack Android through a Near Field Communication (NFC) vulnerability. The 0day exploit was developed by four MWR Labs employees (two in South Africa and two in the UK) for a Samsung Galaxy S 3 phone running Android ... Read More »