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May 17 AT 4:12 PM ralphwiggum1 5 Comments

nVidia’s cloud GPU

Is nVidia’s new cloud GPU the answer to quality mobile games? Onlive is great, but the few times I’ve used it on a mobile (cell and tablet), there is lag and inconsistent graphics due to bitrate changes.

Will this technology, coupled with Tegra mobile processors, allow the best mobile gaming experience? Maybe beyond ... Read More »

May 09 AT 9:01 PM Alberto Vildosola 30 Comments

Google Music to be announced tomorrow, without record labels’ approval (UPDATED)

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google will finally announce Google Music at the company’s developer conference tomorrow. Even though, the company hasn’t been able to strike deals with record companies, they have decided to go ahead and launch the product nonetheless.

Initially, the service will be available for beta testers and not ... Read More »