Jan 08 AT 2:27 PM Nick Sarafolean 3 Comments

Crossy Road hops onto Google Play

Crossy Road, the immensely popular iOS game, has made its way onto Google Play, complete with all the crazy, hopping goodness that we all know and love. The fun, fast-paced gameplay and retro graphics have made their way over to Google’s storefront, and upon first playing through it, it seems quite as good as the ... Read More »

Crossy Road
May 14 AT 10:29 AM Sean Riley 3 Comments

Crystalux: A gem of a puzzle game

While there is no shortage of puzzle games on Android (and rightly so as they fit the medium perfectly), there are quite a few that come across as clones or without any original thought to the design. Fortunately IceCat Studio didn’t fall into either trap with Crystalux and created a game with a distinct look and feel ... Read More »