May 22 AT 11:19 AM Nick Sarafolean 64 Comments

I’ll miss the Nexus line, but Android Silver sounds even better

Android is one of the most unique operating systems. Created by Google, Android is an open-source operating system that’s free for manufacturers to license and use in their devices. The concept isn’t a new one, but Android is set apart by its popularity. The OS has been picked up by nearly every major phone manufacturer and ... Read More »


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May 13 AT 11:42 AM Nick Sarafolean 24 Comments

How important is mobile data?

The Internet is the lifeblood of today’s world, coursing its way through a growing number of possessions. Without a doubt, the Internet has a number of uses, including the one that you’re using right now as you read this article. But the Internet is like a lockbox, and that lockbox requires a special type of ... Read More »

Feb 12 AT 5:01 PM Dustin Earley 23 Comments

Would a Galaxy S5 with a QHD display really be overkill?

Rumor has it that the next iteration in Samsung’s Galaxy S line of phones will come with a QHD display. Commonly referred to as “1440p,” QHD is Quad HD, or a resolution of 2560×1440. At around 5 inches, a display with a QHD resolution comes out to a pixel density of 587PPI. Considering our current ... Read More »

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