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Samsung Galaxy Note8 Review

For seven years, Samsung has been consistent in releasing two flagship devices each year. In the spring, we get the Galaxy S model. This phone is Samsung’s bread and butter, ushering in the newest version of Samsung’s software and giving general consumers a sleek and powerful device. If you’re a true ... Read More »

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Moto X4 Review

Once the giant of the cell phone industry, Motorola’s hold on the market has slipped as the years have gone by. With the rise of Android, Motorola drew headlines with its DROID devices and prominent advertising, but lost ground to competitors like Samsung and LG. Now, in 2017, the company has bounced from Google to ... Read More »

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Fender Newport Bluetooth speaker review

Fender is known for making guitars and amplifiers that are easily recognized by nearly anyone. So it’s no surprise that the company is getting into Bluetooth speakers. The Newport is the cheaper of the pair, offering the classic guitar amp look paired with most of the Bluetooth basics.

Price: $199.99Battery: 12 hoursConnectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 with ... Read More »

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