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Smart watches have become incredibly popular, and there are quite a few new players in the field. The Pebble is a fantastic choice for pretty much anyone with a low $150 price tag and 5-7 day battery life. The Samsung Galaxy Gear goes for double that, $300, but features full Android and a color display, meaning you can install many 3rd party apps.

But Sony and Motorola were the original pioneers of the Android companion smart watches. In fact, the old and discontinued MOTOACTV is a pretty impressive device. It features a hefty 16GB of memory, a GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, a 1.6-inch touch screen display with Gorilla Glass and a ton of software features for those who play sports or work out.

This watch was launched with many software problems, but over the course of the first few months, they were ironed out and the device became quite nice. For a lower price than the Pebble, it may be a fantastic buy. Hey, if you need any excuse to spend that sweet Christmas money! Shipping is available to the main 48 states and it’s limited to 5 watches per customer. Hurry up, because they could run out any minute!

Spotted by Dima Aryeh

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