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Amazon Kindle Fire – Refurbished

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$169 available from amazon.com

$199 original price

The Kindle Fire is the best selling Android tablet at the moment and considering it is available for just $199 with capable hardware and the juggernaut that is Amazon behind it that isn’t terribly surprising.

Well today only Amazon has the refurbished Kindle Fire for just $139 and that deal truly borders on madness. The one day deal is over, but the standard refurb deal for $169 is still around and is better than paying full price in my mind considering the condition of Amazon’s refurbs. Now the Kindle Fire isn’t the best option for those that are looking to play the highest end 3D Android games on their tablet, but Amazon’s App Store has a healthy supply of apps for you at this point and if you are looking for a tablet to browse the web, read eBooks and watch videos then this is a great opportunity.

I should add that if you aren’t already an Amazon Prime member the Kindle Fire may convert you as it brings with it their free streaming video catalog and also a free book every month (as well as the free 2-day shipping on physical goods through Amazon) for just $79 a year.

Spotted by Sean Riley

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