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It’s been a few months since it launched in the U.S., but the HTC One remains one of our favorite Android phones of the moment. The good news if you weren’t quite ready for a new phone back then is that you get to save some coin with both the Black and Silver 32GB HTC One on AT&T and Sprint now just $49.99 with a new 2 year contract through Amazon. If you are an existing customer it’s $99.99, which is still a nice savings versus going directly through your carrier.

As always there are new Android phones on the horizon, but the One continues to hold up well to the competition and the unconventional Ultrapixel camera manages stellar low light performance. While people can and will argue endlessly about Beats audio I can say with certainty that the One’s speakers produce louder and clearer audio than any other phone I’ve used. The One has also received nearly universal praise for it’s design which is a notable break what most of the Android manufacturers are doing currently. If you are in the market for a phone on AT&T or Sprint the One is a great option especially at this price.

Spotted by Sean Riley

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