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Black/White Verizon Moto X

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$.01 available from amazon.com

$99.99 original price

You may be feeling deja vu with this deal and you’re right as we previously covered that Verizon was offering the standard black or white Moto X for free with a coupon. Well perhaps in response to that deal Amazon has responded in kind bringing the white and black models of the Moto X to just a penny on contract.

Regardless of where you get it from the Moto X remains one of our favorite devices and of course Motorola has recently proven themselves true to their word on updates with the Moto X on Verizon being the first to receive Android 4.4.

Naturally this deal doesn’t allow you to go the Moto Maker route so if you wanted your neon yellow Moto X with blue trim you’ll have to fork over the $99 price.

Spotted by Sean Riley

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