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The Moto X has been dropped to $100 on all carriers, which makes it a great buy for what it offers. But, hey, who doesn’t like to save money? For the frugal among us, Verizon has temporarily lowered the price of the Moto X to only $49.99 on contract, which makes it a steal. But you want it lower, you say?

Using the coupon “vzwdeal” you can drop the price of the Moto X by a whole $50, making the device free on contract. This is an unbelievable deal on a great device, so if you wanted to buy one (or rather, simply get one for free), do so now before this deal runs out!

Unfortunately, this only applies to the basic black or white model of the Moto X and is valid online only. You cannnot get it for free in store, nor can you use Moto Maker to make a custom version for yourself. The coupon will not work in Moto Maker. So if you’re interested in customizing, you’ll have to pay a little extra. But if a basic one suits you just fine, you can pick it up for nothing… in exchange for getting in bed with Verizon.

Spotted by Dima Aryeh

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