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The Chromecast is an absolutely fantastic little device used for streaming all sorts of content to your TV without any sort of remotes or complicated interfaces. Hit the Chromecast button in the smartphone app, and it starts streaming. I love mine and recommend them to everyone.

But oftentimes, one isn’t enough. You put one in your living room, but what happens when you retire to the bedroom and want to continue streaming? You’re definitely going to need a few more Chromecasts. Thankfully, Best Buy is now discounting a set of two Chromecasts by $15. If you buy two, it will cost you $55 instead of the normal $70.

Put Chromecasts all around the house, or give them out to friends as presents. They make cheap and wonderful gifts for family and friends. Whatever you do with them, a discounted Chromecast is a better Chromecast. Add one to your cart, change the quantity to 2, and check out at Best Buy to get the deal!

Via: Android Police

Spotted by Dima Aryeh

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