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Last-gen Moto X only $249.99 brand new with warranty

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$249.99 available from ebay.com

$399.99 original price

Though the second generation Moto X is already on sale, the original Moto X is still a very competent device. With decent specs and some very optimized software, it still feels fairly fast and is smooth. And with the latest version of Android and a nearly stock build, it’s up to date and feels very modern. Definitely a great device.

However, Motorola has stopped selling it entirely in favor of the new version. We can’t blame them. Luckily, an eBay seller is selling off some old stock. These devices are brand new and unlocked for use on GSM carriers, with LTE bands that support both T-Mobile and AT&T. They also retain their one year US warranty, which is great news.

If you want to pick one up in either black or white, hit the buy button and get one! The deal won’t last forever, and at $250 with free shipping to the US, it’s hard to pass up.

Via: Android Police

Spotted by Dima Aryeh

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