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LG G Watch over 20% off through AT&T

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$179.25 available from att.com

$229 original price

You earliest of early adopters no doubt already have your LG G Watch in hand after they started shipping last week. Those that were slightly more hesitant to pull the trigger might be swayed by this discount.

AT&T is currently running a deal that nets you 25% off if you purchase at least 3 accessories, a category that includes the LG G Watch. So if you pair the LG G Watch with any two $5 accessories (like a universal sleeve and case) you will be out the door at $179.25 + tax rather than the standard $229 + tax. And of course, you get the potentially useful additional items.

Google is pushing hard to make Wear the smartwatch platform of choice. The Glass Explorers were the real beta testers for many of the ideas exhibited in Wear, so I would feel pretty comfortable jumping on board this train now. And at this price, it’s an easier decision than ever.

Spotted by Sean Riley

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