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Nexus 7 (2012) 32GB

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When the original Nexus 7 came out in 2012, it was hailed as the best Android tablet ever released. While it’s certainly not as fast as it used to be, it’s plenty capable for any number of things. If you’re looking for a tablet for your kids to beat up on, mom to use as an e-reader, or grandpa to look up golf scores, then we have the ultra-cheap tablet for you.

Right now on eBay, a 32GB (perfect for storing movies, music and more) Nexus 7 2012 can be yours for just a penny shy of $100. Even better, it comes from Newegg, a reputable dealer with a history of taking care of their customers. With free shipping and no tax for most, you really can’t ask for a better deal on a $100 tablet.

Spotted by Dustin Earley

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