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NVIDIA SHIELD down to $249.99 for the holidays

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$249.99 available from shield.nvidia.com

$299.99 original price

The NVIDIA SHIELD is a great device with a lot of potential. Plus, it’s being improved upon constantly with software updates, so it’s already a lot better than when it launched. But a big factor in its low sales is the price. At $299.99, it’s a VERY pricey handheld gaming device. And without NVIDIA’s own ecosystem, the price cannot be subsidized.

However, for the holidays, NVIDIA has worked with a bunch of retailers to drop the price of the SHIELD $50 pretty much everywhere that matters. Instead of paying $300, you’ll only need to pay $250. Plus, you’ll get free shipping wherever you buy.

It’s a pretty good deal, so if you’ve been yearning for a SHIELD, there is no better time to buy than now. Head to any of the numerous retailers to take advantage of this sale!

Spotted by Dima Aryeh

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