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We’ve been big fans of the NVIDIA SHIELD since its launch last year (Dima even drove 50 miles just for a chance to play with one) and as we covered on the most recent Android and Me podcast the SHIELD is about to get even better with the update rolling out next week. Check out the full post for the details, but some of the highlights are Android 4.4 KitKat, improved GameMapper and remote GameStream.¬†

There’s also the news that Portal is coming to SHIELD and it is clear that NVIDIA is still putting tremendous resources behind the SHIELD platform, which is awesome news for Android gamers.

Probably the biggest hold up on buying an NVIDIA SHIELD has been the price and through the end of April you can pick up a SHIELD for $199, but Newegg has an even better deal if you have a Visa credit card you can save another 10% through the “V.me by Visa” checkout bringing the total cost down to $180 with the code¬†VMEMADNESS. If you’ve been interested in the SHIELD, but balking due to the cost now is definitely the time to get in on NVIDIA’s portable.

Spotted by Sean Riley

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