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Refurb Nexus 7 (2013) with leather case only $130

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$129.99 available from ebay.com

$259.99 original price

The Nexus 7 (2013) may be quickly aging, as it’s been over a year since it was released. It’s still a very solid tablet with nice specifications and a low price, though. Google’s slowly been getting rid of stock, and it looks like the device will soon be discontinued by the company. So if you want a cheap but solid tablet, you’ll have to get yours soon.

Thanks to eBay deals, we often see the Nexus 7 go for good prices. This deal is no different, offering a refurbished 16GB Nexus 7 with a genuine leather case for only $130. While it may not be the greatest tablet on the market, $130 is incredibly cheap. The case is a nice touch as well.

If you want this deal, hit the source link to head to eBay and grab it before it’s too late. It’s a limited time offer, and with the Nexus 7 seemingly close to being discontinued, it’s a good idea to buy it soon. Or if the talks of an HTC Nexus 9 sound good to you, you may want to wait it out.

Via: Droid-Life

Spotted by Dima Aryeh

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