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While the Nexus 9 offers impressive specs in a reasonably compact package, if you really want to boost your tablet productivity then a larger screen is probably the way to go.

And no one has more experience making large Android tablets than Samsung with the Note Pro 12.2 representing the pinnacle of those efforts. At 2,560 x 1,600 the display on the Note Pro 12.2 beats out that of most laptops its size. Coupled with the Multi Window functionality that means you can truly multitask on this tablet unlike most of the competition. The pre-installed software on the Note Pro 12.2 is for the most part quite useful as well, which is a refreshing change. Twitter, Evernote, Dropbox and Netflix to name a few are all things I likely would have installed anyway, so no real foul in having them on from the outset. Then there is the typical Note software like Action Memo, Scrapbook, Sketchbook and S Note. Obviously if you are buying a Note device I would hope you have at least some intention of making use of the S Pen and on this screen that will be a real pleasure.

Battery life is upwards of 10 hours so fairly consistent with most of the other tablets on the market.

The one major complaint that most people had about the Note Pro 12.2 when it launched was the price, starting at $749 it was at the extreme high end of what most tablet buyers will consider. Even now it is typically found for around $650, but Adorama Camera (a very reputable seller if you aren’t familiar) currently has the manufacturer refurbished Note Pro 12.2 at just $389.99 and that makes for a very different value proposition. If an 8.9-inch screen just isn’t going to cut it for you, or if you like to use your tablet for drawing or note taking this is probably the best price you will see on the Note Pro 12.2 for some time.

Spotted by Sean Riley

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