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Samsung Galaxy S5 (Verizon)

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Our review of the Galaxy S5 will be coming soon, but safe to say this is one of the top devices this year and it belongs on the short list if you are looking for a new phone.

The camera on the Galaxy S5 is one of the finest I’ve used to date and while megapixel count doesn’t begin to tell the capabilities of a camera, the 16MP available to you on the Galaxy S5 does mean that you can snap your photo and worry about cropping and zooming in on your target later.

The display is another standout feature on this phone and while higher resolutions will no doubt be here by the end of the year, I’m having a hard time seeing the need when I look at the GS5.

Toss in the extra features like the phone being virtually waterproof or the fingerprint reader and it’s clear that Samsung has thrown everything they have into this phone.

And all the better if you are looking to start a new contract with Verizon you can get the Galaxy S5 for just $49.99 now through Amazon. For those that are upgrading an existing account the price is a rather odd $112.49.

Spotted by Sean Riley

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