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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III

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$149.99 available from amazonwireless.com

$199.99 original price

Verizon’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S III is finally available to all today and Amazon is already wheeling and dealing it down to $149.99 rather than the $199.99 that Verizon is asking for the 16GB model. Yes this is only with a contract, but it is available to both new customers as well as those that are upgrading.

As always Amazon offers you free two-day shipping on the phone, some free “premium apps” and a 30-day risk free return policy (keeping in mind that Verizon only has a 14-day return policy that is also applicable).

If you are set on the Galaxy S III for Verizon then this is a great way to save yourself a little cash. Oh and if you are in the market for the AT&TĀ ($189.99) or SprintĀ ($149.99) models they are available from Amazon as well.

Spotted by Sean Riley

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