And Me Accounts

Scoring points

Accounts can get points from a number of activities around the site. Leaving comments, getting up votes, even getting comments in a started thread all earn a user points. Think of this running point total like a currency. A user’s points will always be displayed in his or her profile with a tiny Android icon.

Rank and user influence

Every user on the site is ranked on a scale of 1 to 100. This percentile rank is based on user point totals, meaning a user’s rank (the main number in the green box) shows how powerful the user is in relation to other users on the site. Users with higher ranks often get special permissions and invitations.

Why do I have two point totals?

If you read the above two sections, things should be clear. But in any case, all users have a point total and a rank. The point total (displayed with an Android icon) is a direct accumulation of activity around the site. The rank (displayed in the green square) is based on a true percentile that shows where a user ranks in relation to other users.

Voting on comments

A large part of the scoring works on comments votes, placed by other And Me Accounts. While a vote from a fresh account may get you a single point, up votes from highly ranked users will score you even more. And Me Accounts with a high enough rank even have the ability to cost other users points with a down vote. While a guest can vote on an individual comment, only a logged in user’s vote will count towards a user’s point total.