What is a Thread?

A thread is user created content. Unlike the regular articles you read on Android and Me, a thread was started by another user just like you. Threads work almost like a regular article: there is an initial post at the top of the page followed by a space for comments.

Why does starting a thread cost me 20 points?

When we started working on threads, we knew we needed to work on fixing some of the shortcomings we’d found in the traditional forum (mainly noise). By charging points for each thread, we hope that users will think twice before posting lame content.

All users are welcome to participate in the comments, but only high-scoring, influential users will be allowed to start new threads. Participating in the comments will never cost your account any points. Only the thread author pays this fee only when starting a new thread.

How does my thread earn me points?

Each comment your thread receives will score you one point. We hope that this even further encourages users to author thoughtful threads, as doing so with a popular thread could score you some massive points.

Aside from points for each comment, our regular comment voting is in full effect on all threads. On each comment you’ll find the normal up and down vote buttons that allow you to score individual contributions to the discussion. Use your votes wisely to shape a better community!

Can anyone start a thread?

Even though a thread only costs 20 points, you’ll need at least 100 points to get started. Creating a thread is a privileged reserved for tested and influential users. If you don’t have 100 points, hang out around the blog or in threads started by others and contribute thoughtful comments- you’ll be there in no time!

What are thread awards?

When a thread is especially helpful, hilarious, or a must read, we might bestow a small thread award that helps highlight the thread in the main listings. These awards will show up as brightly colored notches near the thread title, so be on the look for them.