Ethics Statement

My coverage and ethics policies are as follows. My wife has been an employee at MWW Group since 2006, where she works on the Samsung Telecommunications America account, among others. We do not discuss Samsung privately, and our relationship does not influence my coverage. My wife has never been the source of any rumors, which would jeopardize her employment, and I place a higher standard on sourcing my information when possible.

I have consulted with our advertising partner SAY Media and my wife has also notified her employer. Additionally, we all agree that this disclosure notice is appropriate.

I receive review units from wireless carriers and device manufacturers.These are usually loaned to me, and I do not profit directly from these units. I have accepted sponsored trips from Adobe, HTC, NVIDIA, Samsung, Telenav, and Qualcomm to provide coverage on their events. I do not currently accept sponsored trips from Samsung, out of respect for my personal relationship. Our site has also held events in the past that were sponsored by Appolicious, HTC, Netshelter, NVIDIA, Samsung, and Verizon.

I value the opinion of my readers and I promise to uphold the integrity and values that our audience has come to expect. If you have any concerns of questions about any of my coverage, please contact me directly at taylor(at)