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While we love both of these tablets, we also love a good fight. So we’re pitting the Sony Tablet S and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 against each other in a series of feature-focused tweet-offs to see which is the reigning tablet king. Each week, we’ll post a new question for you to vote on, we’ll tally the scores, and name one tablet champion. Then, someone wins the tablet they voted for. You can only vote for one tablet, we’ll be checking to verify that the winner wasn’t playing for both teams. So this week, we ask you:

Which tablet has the better display?

Both manufacturers are known for their displays outside of the tablet realm so we should have a really hot battle. The Sony Tablet S is sporting an 8.4 inch Bravia TruBlack display running at 1280×800. The Samsung has an 8.9 inch PLS (Plane to Line Switching) LCD, also running at 1280×800. Which would you prefer?

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More rules and details:

Each week, we will select two specific and unique hashtags that answer a contest question. Users will choose one of the two hashtags and send out a tweet. We'll be tracking all the entries for #BraviaBlack and #PLSisbest with RowFeeder, a service for monitoring social activity in real time. And the end of the stated voting period, the tablet with the most tweets "wins". At the point, one tweeter from either team will be chosen at random and will win tablet he/she voted for. Users are only allowed to vote for one tablet. We will verify that the winning account only voted once, for a single tablet. Using multiple accounts will disqualify all of your entries.

This contest is open to all Android and Me readers, domestic and international. The winner will be notified by Twitter and should be following the @androidandme account. If the user is not following @androidandme, we won't be able to message you directly. If the user does not respond in 3 business days, an alternate winner will be selected.

The contest data on the site is being displayed via the Topsy API and is for visualization purposes only. The real decision will be based upon our Rowfeeder data. Contact @androidandme if you have any questions!