• metacyde

    Wonder about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Hopefully we get some love (eventually with Verizon).

  • BramBonne

    The Bonkers World guy is a Google employee?! I never knew!

  • imdiane

    Super cute drawing.. Now that we know that it’s gonna be Key Lime Pie.. What’s L gonna be? Lemon tart? Maybe staying too close to the lime/lemon family?

    What is everyone’s thoughts on this?

    • Legend

      Lamginton! or is that too Australian?

      • Legend


  • me245

    Definitely is a clever drawing. I could with Lemon Tart for the next iteration, but I agree it might be too close to the lime/lemon Family

    • amin888

      agree… definitely next is Lemon Tart :-)

  • decker

    Just as long as the version is never named Diet Coke.

    • amin888

      you mean Kool Aid ?

      • decker

        lol, Kool Aid too.

  • dino13

    Not really a big deal. I would find it better if they would restrict the number of “new versions” and rather try to insert new features into existing version. Cause Jelly Bean is not really more than just a service pack for ICS.

  • ozbreaker

    Has there been speculation on the ‘L’ version?

  • njcoutinho

    They should have a vote on the next name not a big fan of Lime Pie